Episode 5 - Underestimating the True Benefits of Automation


Automation Airwaves Episode 5: Underestimating the True Benefits of Automation from Agilify Automation on Vimeo.

Watch Automation Airwaves — Episode 5: Underestimating the True Benefits of Automation

It’s true — a good automation program can help your organization eliminate costs, generate revenue, and increase ROI. However, there’s a lot more to automation than just its impact on your bottom line. The true benefit of automation is its ability to unleash human potential, and create capacity for your organization to do more with the same staff count.

There’s a big difference between work that can be automated and work that only humans can do. When you automate mundane or repetitive tasks at your organization, you unlock newfound opportunities for your associates to optimize their time and reach new heights at work.

When launching a new automation program, many organizations focus only on major automation projects with major ROI potential. This approach may sound good, but it sometimes causes programs to slow down and stall later on. When companies focus too narrowly on finances, they tend to ignore the holistic impact of automation and its ability to empower human associates.

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