Watch Automation Airwaves — Episode 6: Keeping Audit out of the Loop

It’s not whether you should engage audit. It’s when and how.

As automation programs begin to scale, company audit teams inevitably begin to take notice. If you don't have proper foundational documentation for your automations and their business roles, auditors could pause your whole program and keep it stalled for months.

To avoid being unprepared for this intense scrutiny, you need to keep audit in the loop from the very beginning — and earn their trust with clear design authority documentation for your automation program. If you can prove the financial value of your program early on, your relationship with audit will be much smoother.


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Did you know that automation can actually expand the scope, and reduce the cost of the auditing process itself? It’s true! Automation is changing the rules and outcomes of auditing. Since it addresses your company’s entire data population, automation can even help eliminate audit risk.

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